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Cloud Based S.A.A.S

As cannabis regulatory efforts progress, states are mandating seed to sale software systems. These inventory tracking systems allow the state and businesses owners to maintain valuable data regarding marijuana sales.

Business owners, known as licensees, may use their own business software in addition to submitting data to the state, as required by rules. Any good business owner understands the importance of big data and data organization in any industry. Well maintained data allows businesses owners to "reliably and efficiently [extract] predictive patterns from Big Data, and turning them into suggested actions, next product recommendations, scores, alerts, etc. that help front line employees do their jobs better," as described by Forbes Magazine. For decades, businesses have been embracing software as a service to manage their valuable data.

Adilas420 trains on multiple seed to sale softwares, and prefers the use of as a primary business tool. has been offering software as a service for over 15 years. Business owners from many industries choose ADILAS because it it is all inclusive, allowing businesses to manage their data, files, operations and employees in one easy to use platform. Adilas is being used by hundreds of cannabis business operators across the nation. 






Accessible from Anywhere

Adilas software as a service is cloud based and available at a low monthly rate.  This allows business owners and operators to access their data from anywhere. handles remote access as well as onsite data entry points. The entire application is server-based and only requires a computer (any kind and any OS) and an internet connection. As long a your mobile phone works, you can access Adilas. With the site open 24/7, things like business trips, remote workers, multiple locations, and after hours access is no problem and part of the solution.






Robust Functionality

ADILAS developers were preparing for big data before it was cool. With over 15 years of development, is a comprehensive business platform. The Adilas Team has developed a series of online, and integrated, tools allowing cannabis businesses operators the ability to track every gram and every penny, while simultaneously tracking the people and the process of daily operations. Adilas420 has brought Big Data organization to the Cannabis Businesses.






Empower the People is a permission-based system that can be customized for each user. Once inside the application, each page checks for individual page permissions by user and corporation. This allows you to assign only the permissions that are needed for each user. All permissions are checked on every page and completely hidden if unassigned. This keeps the interface simple and direct. Adilas420 offers role specific training enabling each employee to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Consolidated Reporting can handle any number of locations, vendors, payees, users, customers, inventory items, banks, corporations, PO’s, invoices, quotes, recipe/builds, stock/units, check requests, expense/receipts, deposits, statements, etc. Even if you have multiple corporations, you can access data in your other corporations at the click of a button. excels as a business tracking tool and shows up-to-the-minute information, data, and reports. Two special reports of interest are accounts receivable and accounts payable. Both are automated and include aging, search and filter options, and links to recent activity and histories. A single click allows you to view your inventory with descriptions, pricing, photos and files.

    Customer Service & Referral Network

Buy the out of box software complete with user instructions. You will always have access to a network of Adilas Pro's ready to help with system setup, implementation, training and system customization. 


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