Seed to Sale Software

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As Cannabis Regulation progresses, states are mandating seed to sale tracking systems. These tracking systems allow the state and businesses owners to maintain valuable data. Software is used to track the number of plants, plant production, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Licensees may use (and may be required to use) their own business software in addition to what the state requires by rule. Rules for seed to sale tracking by state often includes requiring comprehensive records of inventory, point of sale transactions, financials, personnel, vendors and customers/patients. Also, because cannabis is a cash intensive business, cash management software and systems are often necessary.

Currently the most popular software’s for the cannabis industry are as followed:

*in no particular order:






MJ Freeway

MmJ Menu


and Franwell Metric,

Franwell Metric, which is being used by the state of Colorado and Oregon, is not currently available on the industry side. BioTrack has also landed state contracts for providing seed to sale software. MJ Freeway landed their first State Tracking system in Nevada.

Adilas420 Consultants have experience on many of the software systems. Obviously, we have our preference too. Read more about why we prefer Adilas. 

Adilas420 Consultants work as an advocate for seed to sale software users. We provide seed to C.P.A. services and support. We also provide resources, training and support for regulating cannabis agencies. We do this by also consulting with developers ensuring their  understanding of daily operations and the unique needs of cannabis businesses. Adilas420 enables a virtual representation of your physical business processes.

3rd party reviews and pricing on each of the systems can be found here.