Michigan Licenses for its Marihuana Program

Yes, the state is really spelling marijuana “marihuana” as if cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja ect. isn’t complicated enough! We are simply relieved the Michigan regulatory process is moving forward.

We are happy to be helping with Michigan licensing efforts offering a quick resource for section

(2) BUSINESS SPECIFICATIONS. We’ve got you covered from sections E-G and beyond.

E. Technology Plan –

We can help to provide an explanation in the space provided AND have prepared supplemental documentation demonstrating a technology plan including adilas being used as a third-party systems being used to interface with METRC; and (2) systems and procedures for internal loss/theft/destruction reporting.

F. Marketing Plan

We will work with you to provide a description AND supporting documentation of your advertising and marketing plan.

G. Inventory & Recordkeeping Plan

Adilas420 can provide a description AND supporting documentation of the applicant’s plan for acquiring, storing, and transporting medical marihuana products. Also, we will provide a description of how inventory records will be maintained.

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Maine will delay social cannabis clubs until 2023

While rule making for implementation of adult use marijuana in Maine is finally moving forward, Gov. Paul LePage has agreed to delay social consumption until 2023.

The move is intended to shore up political support for implementing recreational marijuana rules, but advocates say it ignores the will of Maine voters.

According to the source: Legalization panel makes concession, votes to delay social cannabis clubs until 2023 – Portland Press Herald 

Perhaps Maine will be looking to Massachusetts to how they set the example for social consumption of cannabis which has not yet been implemented in any state.

Adilas420 is now serving Canada from seed to sale

Canada is moving forward with its plans to implement legal sales of recreational cannabis, one province at a time and so is Adilas420!

To provide seed to sale software for cannabis business in Canada, we have been awaiting the chance to give careful consideration to rules, regulations and the governments intention to track and trace cannabis.

Working out most of the details affecting consumers is largely up to the 10 provinces. Three — Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick — have offered only general ideas of how they will operate and regulate their marijuana markets. The other seven are still in the start of of public consultations and planning.

Ontario has offered a first round of rules and plans to open 40 government run stores, overseen by the LCBO this year. As described on the government website, 

“Under the approach, approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened by 2020, including 80 by July 1, 2019 servicing all regions of the province. Online distribution will be available across the province.”

Alberta’s website also offers province rules and describes, Albertans will have two options for purchasing recreational cannabis:

  • privately run retail stores
  • government-operated online sales

While the website offers enough of an introduction to cannabis rules to start writing standard operating procedures, it quickly confirms “Full details on licensing and establishing a cannabis retail operation will be available in early 2018.”

New Brunswick government has partnered with two licensed cannabis producers, Organigram and Canopy Growth Corp to supply the province. The Cannabis Management Corporation, a Crown corporation has been charged with the oversight, organization, conduct, management and control of retail sales of recreational-use cannabis.

While it is unknown what track and trace software will be used by the federal government or any of the local provinces, adilas is now being used as seed to sale software for cannabis growers and online distributors.

We will keep tracking compliance requirements and invite you to learn with us!



California tracks marijuana from seed to sale using Metrc

As of January 2. 2018 the Cannabis Commission has started using  using Metrc to track the cannabis supply chain from the point at which a plant is 8 inches tall through the point(s) of sale.

“Rebecca Forée, a spokesperson for California Department of Food and Agriculture, explained via email. “Once we have completed and approved annual cannabis licenses — and the licensees have completed a state-mandated training on the California Cannabis Track-and-Trace (CCTT) system — the system will be used to record the inventory and movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the state’s commercial cannabis supply chain, from cultivation to sale.””

The track-and-trace system uses RFID tags to ensure compliance and public health.

Source: California tracks marijuana from seed to sale — GCN

Adilas420 helps Cannabis Business owners track from seed to CPA using Adilas.biz which seamlessly integrates with Metrc and a tried and true set of standard operating procedures for data entry and supply chain management.

Metrc and Adilas have been developing side by side and working together to produce a track and trace and seed to sale software system that works for both regulators and business owners.

Adilas provides tools for enterprise resource planning and reporting for retailers, distributors, cultivators and processors.

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State pot bureau ready to enforce California’s new marijuana laws as license applications flood in


“Businesses have received 153 licenses to sell marijuana for medical use.

Another 1,458 firms have applied for licenses that are still being processed.

The state Department of Food and Agriculture has separately issued 207 licenses to marijuana growers.”

Read more from the Source: State pot bureau ready to enforce California’s new marijuana laws as license applications flood in

Arizona’s first marijuana drive-thru to open in Sun City

Adilas420 is pleased to have assisted Arizona’s first dispensary offering drive thru services. It took careful point of sale planning and a great team to make it all come together.

All Greens Dispensary on 99th Avenue and Bell Road will activate the first marijuana drive-thru window in Arizona on Friday now that it has approval from the state.

Source: Arizona’s first marijuana drive-thru to open in Sun City – Arizona’s Family


If you want to know more about the software they use for marijuana delivery and drive-thru services contact us. 


Massachusetts gov signs bill making changes to marijuana law

The Republican spoke after signing a compromise bill approved by lawmakers last week that raises taxes on retail pot, establishes stringent requirements for the packaging and labeling of marijuana products, and spells out procedures cities and towns must follow if they wish to ban or restrict pot shops from opening in their communities.

Read the full story from the Source: Massachusetts gov signs bill making changes to marijuana law | The Seattle Times